Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Artists Call: Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project

Call to Mural Artists Living in Pima County:
Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project

Deadline to Apply: Midnight Friday Oct. 23, 2015


The Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project seeks to reduce tagging on City of Tucson Trash Containers. Artists are invited to submit design applications for murals on City of Tucson Large Metal Trash Containers. We seek to demonstrate that murals are an effective way to reduce maintenance costs.

Tucson Mural Arts Program’s goal is to create a city wide outdoor mural program highlighting the cultural and artistic diversity of our amazing city. Our goal is expand mural opportunities for artists living in Tucson and Pima County.

This project is made possible by the City of Tucson Environmental Services and Graffiti Resource Council with logistical and administrative support provided by GARDEN Inc. and the Tucson Arts Brigade.


City of Tucson Environmental Services has identified 5 sites. The murals cannot include the name of the business within the design. Final design approval will be made by COT Environmental Services and the business owners.


Front 6’ x 4’
Back 6’ x 5’
Sides (2) 6’-3” x 6’ x 5”


Visual artists living in Pima County
Open to artists of all ages and abilities.
Demonstrated Artistic Merit
Demonstrated ability to complete projects on time
All styles accepted
Artists Under 18 must be accompanied by parent or guardian

Artists Stipend: 
$ 850.00

Materials: City approved paint supplies will be provided for this round.

To being considered as a lead artist for the Trash Container Mural Art Demonstration Project, round one:

1) Please Submit Your Contact information: (Name, address, phone, email, website)

2) Draft Design of your mural proposal ideas with proposed color scheme.

3) Five jpeg (5) examples of your past work. Please send these images as jpegs.

4) (Optional) a cover letter describing your experience, you may also include a resume.

Send all information by Midnight Friday Oct. 23, 2015:


  • September 30          Artists Call Issued
  • Friday Oct 23          Round 1 Preliminary Design Applications Due
  • Friday Oct 30         1st Round of Artists Selected
  • Nov. 6                     Selected artist: Final Designs Due
  • Nov.13 - Dec. 18    Artists complete works
  • Dec. - Jan                Project Unveiling

Build It!
Would you like to help build a permanent city wide Mural Arts Program? We are seeking volunteers who are willing to make a one year commitment of 5 hours a month. Please include your name, contact information.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

BBVN Tile Mosaic Mural Workshops Dates Set

 By R. Roati

As most of you know, BBVN is working with a Tucson artist to construct tile mosaic murals on the two low walls at the intersection of the Treat Walkway and Arroyo Chico. 

Due to the fabulous efforts of neighbors John, Linda, Matt, Emma Stapleton, Barbara O'Brien, Barbara Kuelbs, Justine Hernandez, Judd Ruggill, Susan Silverman, Mike Weingarten & Joan Thomas, all under the direction and expert assistance of Tucson artist Michael B. Schwartz, we built tiles, painted them, fired them, prepared the walls, applied thinset, and installed tiles, so that two of the wall sides are now largely complete.

We're going to turn now to the remaining sides to complete the tile mosaic mural installation! Thanks to Mary Wolfe for the donation of some beautiful tiles for this next phase! Please join us for two tile installation parties:

What: Tile installation party (north mural)
Date: Sunday October 18
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

What: Tile installation party (south mural)
Date: Sunday October 25
Time: 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

For both parties, please bring:
Old clothes
Rubber gloves
Hats, water, sunscreen
Any thinset tools you might have such as trowels and pans (we have some, but more is better)
A digital camera
Food and drinks
We'll supply the rest

You can just show up, or register by clicking here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Art School Opens this Fall

The Michael B Schwartz School of Art opens this fall with a new Visual Arts program for gifted and talented young artists Ages 11-18, on Saturdays from 1-6pm at the Citizens Artist Collective, Studio #13, 44 W 6th St. in downtown Tucson.

There are two semesters this fall, Semester 1: Saturdays, September 12 - October 24, Semester 2: Saturdays October 31 - December 12. The cost is $300. per semester or $50. per session. Scholarships are available based on economic need. All materials, field trip and snacks are included.

This program provides an in depth study of the tools, techniques and concepts in the media of painting, drawing and mixed visual arts media. Young artist are taught to harness their super powers and creative sensibilities. This practice fosters, guides and supports each students unique creative sensibilities in a professional working studio environment.

Students can register on line at

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and must include a letter describing the students artistic goals and why you are interested in this program,  three sample artworks (jpeg) and a short portfolio interview.

For more information contact 520-791-9359 or visit

About Michael B Schwartz MFA 1991 University of Arizona, BFA 1988 Tyler School of Art at Temple University, is a visual artist whose creative practice includes the production of public art, murals, paintings, drawings, writings and teaching. His work with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Fleisher Art Memorial, International Council of Adult Education, National Audubon Society, Tucson Museum of Art, Teaching Artist Journal and Prescott College has propelled him to the top of his field. His many awards include the Puffin Foundation and Art Matters Fellowships. Mr. Schwartz is an internationally respected muralist and educator with a unique ability to assist students in clearing creative blockages so they can produce unique heart felt master works.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Back! Lets Paint the Town

Welcome back to students and summer travelers!

We have a delightful line up of workshops, projects and  opportunities for you to enjoy. From painting murals, mosaics and street art to potlucks, artists meetings and educational workshops there is something for everyone. We invite you to put on your paint cloths, grab a brush and jump in!

Here is how you can get involved;

Wed. September 9
General Arts Brigade Meeting: 6-8pm

Location: Citizens Artist Collective
44 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85705
Studio #13 (enter from 9th Ave, near railroad tracks)

Starting Sat. Sept 12
Saturday Art Program for Teens

Location: Citizens Artist Collective
44 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85705
Studio #13 (enter from 9th Ave, near railroad tracks)

2015 Fall Semester 1:    
Saturday 1pm - 6pm, September 12 - October 24
2015 Fall Semester 2:    
Saturday 1pm - 6pm, October 31 - December 12

2016 Spring Semester 1:    
Saturday 1pm - 6pm, January 9 - March 12
2016 Spring Semester 2:    
Saturday 1pm - 6pm, April 2 - May 28

For Registration and Schedule information Click Here:


Wed. September 16
Volunteer Orientation: Call for Volunteers, 6-8pm

Location: Citizens Artist Collective
44 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85705
Studio #13 (enter from 9th Ave, near railroad tracks)

TAB is a grassroots association, run almost like a neighborhood association, that seeks to bring the joy of the arts to schools, community centers, neighborhoods and other places. Volunteers like you make this all possible. Tasks range from website management, data entry, editing, organizing art shows and organizing to helping out on public arts projects. There are tons of small and large tasks.

Wed. September 30
Mural Arts Program Meetings

Location: Citizens Artist Collective
44 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85705
Studio #13 (enter from 9th Ave, near railroad tracks)

Learn more about our Utility Box Pilot Program and city our proposal for a wide mural arts program to hire artists to work in hospitals, schools, community centers and neighborhoods. There will also be updates on Trash Container Call to Mural Artists.

From the Arizona Daily Star article on the Utility Box Pilot Program.


Tuesday Oct. 6
US Department of Arts & Culture
Help assemble a time machine: Materials Potluck (bring some art supplies)

Location: Citizens Artist Collective
44 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85705
Studio #13 (enter from 9th Ave, near railroad tracks)

This fall’s campaign is called #DareToImagine

For more information: Dare To Imagine!!

Emissaries from the Future will create Imagination Stations nationwide—popping up in parks, classrooms, galleries, conferences, farmer's markets and beyond for this large-scale act of collective imagination. Using creative tactics, Emissaries will engage people in envisioning the world they hope to inhabit and—looking back from the future—celebrating the work they did to get there. The resulting texts, images, videos, and more will be uploaded to an online platform, yielding a crowd-sourced vision of the future, inspiring art, policy, and community action.

Want to help get the word out? Use hashtags: #DareToImagine #TucsonUSDAC

Participants will plan on where and when to install mobile time machine and seek community input.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Community Build Day 2015

Images by Eveolyn Madrid, Bob Torrez and TAB.

The Tucson Arts Brigade and Tucson Mural Arts Program were delighted to offer Tucson’s first ever “Community Build Day” on Saturday June 6, 2015 from 10am - 5pm at 316 N 4th Ave. in Haggerty Plaza. This exciting one day event brought together over 60 youth and adults to paint murals, create mosaics, network, celebrate and more.

The day included mural painting, mosaics, recycled art, car painting and t-shirt making. Unlike past projects this was not a “paint by number” project, rather participants interacted discussing what colors and ideas should be used. The collaborative design for the mural reflected it’s the original “Share the Bounty” image created in 1997.

Participants and organizers came from throughout southern Arizona. One goal of this project was to bring together Tucson and Ajo art students to collaborate on a project. Some of the students had met in Ajo for the Street Mural Project this past spring and this project helped forge these relationships. We were also joined by volunteers from the Bank of America who really helped get the day going with their energy and enthusiasm.

It was a delightful day and lots of people passing by participated. Arriving at 8am, we managed to clean up by 5pm. Out of this experience has emerged a planning committee who will be meeting over the summer to plan for our next big event. 

The mural we were painting has a long history. It was originally painted in 1997 as part of the Phantom Mural Project. The mural faded and we sought grant support to fund the restoration and creation of an outdoor classroom. Finally after several failed grants we turned to the community, people power, to fund and bring tis project to completion. There are still funds to be raised, but we are on our way!
The mural depicts a woman holding baskets filled with produce from local farmers. This new version of the mural includes tiles and a new color scheme. Community Build Day was planned by a group of 18 volunteers who shared the vision of building positive thinking communities through the arts. Volunteers staffed a series of stations; T-Shirt making, mosaics, car-painting, recycled-art and mural painting. It did get hot and we decided that our next event would start earlier and end about noon. None the less our crew stayed until past 5pm, cleaning up the site and taking the time to reflect on our work.

The mural still needs some work, our hot summer days and a bit much for the painters, and the paint. We will be resuming work on this and other projects one the summer monsoons bring cooler weather.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to this project by mail: TAB POB 545, Tucson, AZ 85702
or on line:

Community Build day was a fantastic step in bringing together people who are filled with creative passion to re-imagine the world we wish to inhabit. We look forward to lots more acts of collective art making this summer and fall.

For information on how you can get involved email:

A Special Thank You to all our community sponsors;

The Green Revolution

Youth in the Green Revolution project established an outdoor classroom, animating the area with a mural and gardens.
The Green Revolution
by Zoe B.

15 girls at Secrist Middle School in Tucson, Arizona joined a Girl Scout six-week series called “Green Revolution”. We learned about our global food network, and healthy eating. We celebrated the end of our series with a Take Action Project for the school.  Students partnered with the Tucson Arts Brigade, and Civano Nursery to paint a mural and plant a garden.

The colors and designs used in the mural each represent something meaningful. There is a shape with a tribal print on it, which represents creativity. The piece of art work also includes designs that resemble question marks to express the importance of asking questions.

The self-sustaining desert garden includes different types of cacti and aloe. The plants are small now but will eventually grow and blossom into something beautiful much like the children here at Secrist.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Independent Bookstore Day Chalk Murals

Tucson Arts Brigade Youth created a beautiful chalk mural for our friends at Antigone Books to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day. TAB Youth facilitated the participatory chalk mural project to show support for Independent Bookstores.

Independent bookstores are not just stores, they’re community centers and local anchors run by passionate readers. They are entire universes of ideas that contain the possibility of real serendipity. They are lively performance spaces and quiet places where aimless perusal is a day well spent.

Look for lots more temporary and permanent TAB Youth projects about town!

Chalk Mural in front of 411 N. 4th Ave

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ajo Street Art Mural Project

"Doors of Perception" by Valeria and Isabella H. (TAB youth artists)

TAB Mural Crew
TAB Community Art History Workshop

The Community Arts Gathering was a coming together of artists diverse in culture, discipline, and practice, held at the intersection of three nations – the U.S., the Tohono O’odham Nation, and Mexico.

A big part of the gathering included the Street Art Mural Project.  Muralists from Tucson joined with artists from throughout the border region helped to enliven an alley between two historic warehouse buildings in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Ajo, AZ.

Artists spent a week painting murals throughout the day and night creating a festival like atmosphere in the once barren alley way.
Alleyway Before

One of the more spectacular moments were when a musicians circle grew to a new orchestra, and spontaneously a couple stared to dance as painters worked on their murals, townspeople mingled with guests from the conference, scaffolding a delightful table of food and beverages.
The alley came to life at night....
...and by day!

Kat's Mural, "Heart of the Desert"
These moments continued and Arts Brigade artists had a ton of fun working with the local high school students and their teacher. Students created a series of individual and group murals. TAB artists taught students the
Porter McDonald at work
basic tools and techniques needed to make a mural.

Flip, by Michael Schwartz

TAB artists worked with about 40 of the high school students. It started with meeting Miranda, she worked for several days on her design between her many other activities. It was clear that this little town was actually really active, and very social. Next we visited the local school and a mixed 6 - 12 grade classroom of some of the nicest young people one could ever hope to meet.

Teaching Artist Michael Schwartz offered a series of skill building lessons in perspective, scale and color and then we were off to paint murals . The next few days we worked on painting tools and techniques at the mural site. Youth from Ajo enjoyed watching TAB youth working, and were deeply inspired by their final mural. They kept asking “how did they do that?” What did you see? asked a teacher, “We saw them talking, making decisions as they painted” chimed in one.

Alice Glasser Mural
The creativity and excitement in Ajo was so inspiring and joy filled for all of us that we decided to continue the collaborations and build our relationships. Our next big events include a multi-media Community Build Day at the Dream Village, 939 S. 10th Ave. in June, and a Youth Arts Leadership gathering in late summer. Look for more details on this blog.

If you are interested in helping realize these projects we have regular organizing meetings. Email for more information. 

The Ajo Street Art Happening and Community Arts Gathering was hosted by the International Sonoran Desert Alliance