Saturday, May 12, 2018

Bronx Wash Murals Timeline (Updated)

Yes, we are still waiting to get permission for this years (now past) "Spring 2018 Mural Festival". This is why we say #LetUsPaint and #ReformPolicy7. Policy 7 is the outdated process that inhibits the neighborhood arts making process.

This is a true, and ongoing story. We will be adding more dates as they become available. The call to reform Policy 7 is being listened to, so changes are on the horizon.

  • 2009         Original Permissions Secured from Tucson Pima Arts Council for ongoing murals  in Bronx Wash.
  • 2009         Murals Painted
  • 2010 -18  Additional Murals approved by NWNA and painted
  • 2/26/18    Bronx Wash announced as site for 2018 Mural Festival
  • 3/27/18    AFSA emails to inform us we have to go through the “City of  Tucson's Artwork Donations” process (for the Bronx Wash part of the Mural Festival) since the site is City Property.
  • 4/3/18    Submission of Donations paperwork and MP to Arts Foundation
  • 4/11/18     PCAD Meeting (3:30 - 5:30, 2 hours) 9 people, project “approved” by committee less work by Felix.
  • 4/12-15    2018 Mural Festival. Found one (1) private wall to paint on.  10 murals created in that space. Permission not granted to paint in the wash. We cleaned 10 - 12 bags of trash from the wash. 
  • 4/16/18    Risk Review Meeting (1 hours, 5 people) Don't spill paint multiple gallons of paint in the wash. Have insurance, be safe. “No need for Flood Plane Use permit”.
  • 4/20/18    Notification by AFSA of Flood Plane Use permit requirement. Emails indicate AFSA contacted DOT to demand we do this.   
  • 4/25/18    Go to DOT to get FPU permit. Waited (2.5 hours), left a check, but no permit issued.
  • 4/27/18    Notification by AFSA of Waiver of Subrogation requirement.  There are no records available of Waiver of Subrogation” being required for ‘Donated” works. Apparently we are the first.
  • 4/30/18     USDAC-PCO meeting - emailed for Elizabeth L for update - Insurance provider notifies TAB of rate increase due to Waiver of Subrogation request
  • 5/2/18    Flood Plane Use permit issued (good through 6/15/18, can be renewed in Aug.)
  • 5/2/18    AFSA now requests we use “official donations checklist form” “with the Arts Foundation header”, rejects paperwork.
  • 5/9/18    AFSA PACD Meeting Cancelled due to lack of Quorum.
  • 5/11/18    AFSA sends new list of materials we need to submit for  June 13 PACD to approve Wash Mural (deadline to paint  according to flood permit is June 15, will still need additional  approvals to “start” murals. ) In fall we have the option of  “renewing” at no additional cost, the Flood Plane Use permit.
  • 5/13/18    Currently there are no murals being worked on in Bronx Wash.     
  • 6/4/18   Flood Review and DOT Site Review, permit extended 1 year (No painting during Monsoon Season starting 6/15)
  • 6/6/18   Resubmit “official donations checklist form” “with the Arts Foundation header” to AFSA
  • 6/27/18 Still Awaiting approval from the "Arts Foundation Board" 
  • 7/30/18 "AFSA received both concurrences and approvals from Ward 3 and the City Manager's Office for the donation of the 2009-2018 murals into the Cities collection as well as the murals proposed through the Artsfest donation." The "Flood Control Permit" prevents us from painting until the "end of Monsoon season" (August - September). 
  • 8/1/18 TAB exhausts funds, no further projects planned. (AFSA process burned everyone out)