Friday, December 4, 2009

Early TMAP Murals Part 1

Each of these murals has their own story and memories. There were many hundreds of people who helped create these and more than 70 other works during the early TMAP years (1995-2004). Most of these works were never documented digitally, so we will be adding more images and stories over time. 

"Building Community"
3-5th Graders from Miles Exploratory School
(Scott St. building demolished)

"Our Yaqui Culture"
Old Pascua Plaza

"Share the Bounty"
4th Avenue - Winsett Park

"Save the Scenic Santa Ritas"
Queen Ave., Dunbar Spring Neighborhood

"Do Justice Love Mercy" "forgive the Debts to the Poorest of Nations"
(destroyed) had been on River Road

"Hope Beyond Conflict" Mobile Mural
Create by students of many faiths.

"The Old and New Tucson" Mobile Mural
2002 Summer Mural Arts Camp