Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Hugs For the Houseless Poetry Mural

NEW: Hugs For the Houseless Poetry Mural

A new Jazz inspired Poetry mural collaboration illuminates the Veteran Rescue Mission (serving houseless Vets) tiny house eco-village in southern Arizona.

Artist Michael B. Schwartz collaborated with Austin Davis, a poet and student activist currently studying creative writing at ASU and leading Arizona Jews For Justice’s unsheltered outreach program, AZ Hugs For the Houseless.

The artists talked about the relationship of Jazz to Colors and poetry, and how that could drive the project. They selected one of Austin’s poems, then discussed what music came to mind as we read this poem? Austin suggested:



Miles Davis Blue in Green 


While listening to the works Michael set about mixing a series of harmonious, moody colors. Paints and color in this case were used to emphasize the poem. Each letter became a figure. Each word  and line of the poem carefully placed. Then the layers of color. What a great addition to the murals at VRM!

Falls Over your head
Like a wool blanket
on a 100 degree day
hold someone close tonight"



Austin is the author of "The World Isn’t the Size of Our Neighborhood Anymore" (Weasel Press, 2020) and "Celestial Night Light" (Ghost City Press, 2020).

You can read more about Austin and his work here:

Thursday, July 15, 2021

MB Schwartz Studio Updates: Summer 2021

New Works: Summer 2021

These are some preview samples from my current body of works, to be exhibited this fall.

From the artists journal:

“These figurative works are narrative observation/intuition based. They rely on this idea of the artist as a vessel by which intuition is transferred as a mark to a surface, while telling a story. The structure is preexisting. In this sense the archetype becomes a historical bookmark of sorts, the topical space environment surrounding these paintings are as important as the works themselves.”

Furnace Creek, CA
120 °F July 12, 2021
212 °F = boiling point"


Existential Questions, perhaps never answered, but remain
Acrylic on Canvas
9” x 12”

(subtitled:  “Mystic Arts map the world in uncommon ways, common dreams.”)

Acrylic on Canvas
20” x 25”

graphite on arches
9” x 12”


(* Original work available for advanced purchase. They will be included in the fall exhibit, after which shipping will be expedited. All works ©2021 Michael B Schwartz/ MBSArts LLC)