Monday, April 6, 2020

Arts in the Age of COVID 19

Artist Journal:

In the weeks prior to COVID-19 life was filled with activities, plans, planting seeds and the rush to get outdoor work complete before the summer burn sets in. We had concerns, but the event still felt far away - the world was not ready.

One of my narrative abstract paintings from early 2020
For me the first few week of March it really hit home, the shopping had been done, I felt personally prepared, but as the news got worse people began to socially distance. School was cancelled, shortages at the markets, then shops closing, the economy freaking out. The world was on a collective bad trip. Friends texted and called with regular updates, more information, details and personal situations. Do we socialize distantly through May? August? Nobody really knows, the virus is in control and dictating our behaviors. Some breathe fear.

Work in progress. March 2020
Final version of this painting. March 30, 2020

Today it’s clear, the world has changed… there is the before, and the after. I’ve been attempting to capture the emotions of these past few weeks in my work. The endless questions, lack of clear direction or future. I find myself developing a new routine, adapting, changing. It’s spring, the flowers and trees abloom, the deep blue sky and fresh desert air carry the smell of creosote.

“Once, there was a mountain, then there was no mountain… then there was.”

What has changed for you? Where do you see yourself in 3 months? A year?

Wear A Mask, April 2020

Wear A Mask, April 2020