Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Green Revolution

Youth in the Green Revolution project established an outdoor classroom, animating the area with a mural and gardens.
The Green Revolution
by Zoe B.

15 girls at Secrist Middle School in Tucson, Arizona joined a Girl Scout six-week series called “Green Revolution”. We learned about our global food network, and healthy eating. We celebrated the end of our series with a Take Action Project for the school.  Students partnered with the Tucson Arts Brigade, and Civano Nursery to paint a mural and plant a garden.

The colors and designs used in the mural each represent something meaningful. There is a shape with a tribal print on it, which represents creativity. The piece of art work also includes designs that resemble question marks to express the importance of asking questions.

The self-sustaining desert garden includes different types of cacti and aloe. The plants are small now but will eventually grow and blossom into something beautiful much like the children here at Secrist.

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