Sunday, December 18, 2016

Project Profiles: Emma Bayne and Manny Garcia

Tucson Arts Brigade muralists are hard at work. We are so excited to share a few snapshots of upcoming mural projects.
Every week we are contacted by artists who want to paint the town. Each mural takes a considerable amount of time. Artists design the work of art, get it approved, gather materials, prepare the wall, transfer the design, paint the mural and finally protect the mural from the elements. Imagine a huge canvas, painted outdoors. It takes special tools, techniques, materials  and a lot of patience. We are now seeking donations for our neighborhood mural program. Most murals range in cost from $500. to $10,000. depending on the scope of the project. TAB works closely with artists creating a collaborative environment where artists share skills, resources and time to accomplish projects. Here are a few snapshots of muralists we are working with this month;
Every donation you make helps bring smiles to peoples faces;
Manny Garcia is an 80 year old artist. He paints on all sorts of objects like fords and wants to paint a mural depicting the wildlife of Tucson. He is really excited to work on a small wall and sent in this design, reminding us that he will be adding many more plants. Manny says he just wants to share the natural beauty of this place, and leave his mark on the town he loves so much.
We are seeking a highly visible smooth wall about 5 feet high by 14 feet long for his mural.

Emma Bayne is 19 and a freshman at the University of Arizona for Art Education. Her ultimate goal is to teach middle to high school art and how to be the next generation of artists. She was born in Denver Colorado, but raised here in Tucson. She has always loved Tucson’s character, especially the art community.

She has designed a mural for the North West neighborhood and writes: “My mural is about rebirth and creativity. It is a model of new life and holds personal significance in that I am starting on this new phase of life, growing older and going to college. I believe that life is circular and death only leads to new and beautiful life. In the mural the skulls represent the past and death, the butterfly of sacred rejuvenation and originality and the spiral of the cycle of rebirth. I chose the tiger swallowtail butterfly because it is my dad’s favorite animal, his symbol of sorts and my dad is the biggest inspiration and motivation in me pursuing art. I tied in the desert flora and fauna to represent Tucson’s amazing wildlife, and used bright colors to give the feel of fresh beginnings. I hope this mural evokes happiness and inspires to community to be thankful of life and to use their resources and time in creative ways. I love being able to give something back to the community which raised me by doing something I love to do.”
We are also seeking to raise $1500. for materials, to manage the project, document and coordinate unveiling celebrations.
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