Friday, May 22, 2020

Art Meals Tucson

Art Meals Tucson is a program that adds art activity sheets in with the school bus meals in the brainchild of Andrew Tegarden, a Teaching Artist earning his PhD in Art Education at the University of Arizona, School of Art & Visual Culture Education.

Andrew had been doing after-school art classes, and he and the rest us We knew that the digital divide in Pima County had exposed itself, and many youth were not getting the arts education support they deserved. Andrew thought that the simplicity and equity of old-school printed paper with a focus
on reuse and sustainability, along with our traditions here in the Tucson area, on healthy
foods—on resiliency.

Andrew shopped the idea to the UA, his colleagues and TUSD, spending countless hours getting the permissions and support needed. Amidst this pandemic he managed to pull together a curriculum
development team and put in several more weeks of hard work editing, researching and
organizing to produce these four issues of Art Meals.

“Art Meals” issue 1-4 Contributors: Andrew P Tegarden, Delbert Antone, Michael B Schwartz, Mia Ione Garcia, Alyssa Jasmine Thomas, Benjamin Pawlowski and Dianna Taylor.

This first series is free! You can download, copy and share. Please Use Hashtag #ArtMealsTucson

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Issue 1:  Healing Natural (Art) World—Living Giving by Animals, Plants, and People

Issue 3:  Home within Home—Exploring and Enlivening Where Your At

Issue 2:  Nothing’s Trash—Reusing What You Got in Artistic Ways

Issue 4:  Recipes for Change—Food, Art, and the Future

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