Monday, November 1, 2021

Talk, Talk, Talk: Dialogue: an online exhibition about conversations


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Talk, Talk, Talk

Artists Statement: “Dialogue”

When selecting works for this exhibit I looked for images of people talking at home. I wanted to capture the feeling of very specific moments. These are every day random group conversations. (I edited out meetings, hearings, inter/intra-species dialogue, or ancestor works - all fascinating subjects for future exhibits).

These works reflect the vulnerable and tender moments of engaging in dialogue. From the humorous and profane conversations shape the human experience. Finding out what recipes, family traditions, places we love to go, sharing cultural artifacts, folklore and hidden expertise is exciting, and vital. Talking with someone who cares and listens well is nutritious. 
Today as we reweave the world in front of us, the conversations resume…

"Just Then"
Acrylic on Cotton
72” x 96”

Pastel on Paper
36’ x 60”

"The Debate"
12” x 16”
Oil on Canvas

Pastel on Paper
36’ x 72”

Watercolor on Paper
9” x 12”

Oil pastel on Paper
10” x 10”

Listening, intently…
Watercolor on Paper
9” x 12”

Watercolor on Parchment
12” x 18”

Mixed Media on Paper
18” x 24”

Mixed Media on Paper
18” x 24”

Check out this writing I did a few years ago about coming to consensus on a neighborhood mural project.

About the artist: Michael B Schwartz is a visual artist working in painting, drawing, installations and public arts. His work includes community arts engagement, activism and advocacy.

Currently he is working on a series of projects revolving around the innovative new concept of "Artochology". These works include site specific works of art made from retrieved artifacts and traditional materials. 

 All works ©2021 Michael B Schwartz/MBSarts LLC

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