Thursday, July 15, 2021

MB Schwartz Studio Updates: Summer 2021

New Works: Summer 2021

These are some preview samples from my current body of works, to be exhibited this fall.

From the artists journal:

“These figurative works are narrative observation/intuition based. They rely on this idea of the artist as a vessel by which intuition is transferred as a mark to a surface, while telling a story. The structure is preexisting. In this sense the archetype becomes a historical bookmark of sorts, the topical space environment surrounding these paintings are as important as the works themselves.”

Furnace Creek, CA
120 °F July 12, 2021
212 °F = boiling point"


Existential Questions, perhaps never answered, but remain
Acrylic on Canvas
9” x 12”

(subtitled:  “Mystic Arts map the world in uncommon ways, common dreams.”)

Acrylic on Canvas
20” x 25”

graphite on arches
9” x 12”


(* Original work available for advanced purchase. They will be included in the fall exhibit, after which shipping will be expedited. All works ©2021 Michael B Schwartz/ MBSArts LLC)

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