Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Digital Visual Meditations and Rhythms


I’ve been doing this series of drawings and digital collages for some time. The end product can be a just about anything I can print or project on. I have mixed feelings about this. As a painter I’ve always felt that the direct tactile experience with a work of art is essential. I had to ask myself, can I duplicate this experience digitally? Can this experience of a painting talking to directly to the viewer be translated into digital format?

The answers I suppose are self evident - as we learn to see light through these screens - the experience, while fleeting, can be profound. We can’t touch the textures, or taste the smells but we can imagine - we can be transported for a moment.

In that spirit I have been creating dozens of these digital collages. They go well with the sound of Jazz music. 

Let me know what you think, I hope they lighten up your day!

(Yes, these image are also available in print form, contact me for pricing.)

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