Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vibrations Music Festival Live Murals

Poster for Vibrations Music Festival
  From Thursday July 19 - to the wee hours of Sunday July 22 the Tucson Arts Brigade summer mural crew weathered a few storms and installed a series of six interlocked images. These designs were grotesques by request of the Slaughterhouse  in that the site is a popular local Haunted House. Painted in acrylic throughout the two days festival, these murals each represented an milestone in the careers of some of Tucson's most talented and ambitious young artists. The Artists Team included Aileen Boggs, Bryan De Los Reyas, Jacqi Garcia, Aria Pelayo, Juan Rey Rocha and team leader Michael Schwartz. This project was a collaboration with Digital Vibe Entertainment and a special Thanks to Alana Luna for setting this up!

Ari and friend in action
Aileen working on details.

The murals took three LONG days to create.


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