Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Consolidation 1

We are in the process of streamlining our many blogs, eliminating ones we don't need and attempting to make this material a little more easy to navigate and enjoy.

Note this project is on hold. Follow the links to find out about how you can get involved in other Community Arts programs.
The now deleted Archer Neighborhood History Mural Blog

 The Archer Center Mural Site had only one posting on June 13, 2010 that read:

“This site will report on the Archer Neighborhood Center Mural project. This exciting after school mural project starts in September and includes;

- After school mural arts workshops for youth ages 11-17 (Mondays 3-5pm)
- Neighborhood design sessions and
- Inter-generational Workshops

Check back soon!

A flier was circulated and several youth responded to an question and answer session. After the presentation it was clear youth were excited about the project.

The Flier Read:
“ Do you like Painting and Drawing?

Join the Archer Center  Neighborhood Youth Mural Team
Who: Youth Ages 11 - 17
When: start DATE TBA

Where: Fred Archer Center 1665 S. La Cholla Blvd.

What: We will be collectively designing a mural for the lobby of the Archer Center. The mural team will go on to paint and install the mural after approval.”

"The project never did come to pass, but lessons were learned that have become invaluable as Tucson citizens weave a web of arts and culture that can stand the test of time. In reality we learned so much about the barriers and challenges to creating murals in our current economic and cultural climate."  - Excerpt from artists journal Sept. 2010

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