Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Sedona Arizona Landscape Drawing Hikes

 This series of observational drawings are from Sedona. I love this part of Arizona, where each day the the mountains reveal different colors are textures. The sunrises and sunsets are unique and some of the most colorful scenes I’ve ever witnessed. There are teal, gold, blues, turquoise, magenta. The full spectrum of colors and values. Oak Creek Canyon, Verde River, West Sedona. Each place has it’s own unique ambiance, color and voice.  

There are a ton of trails to choose from some constitute a full day trip to truly enjoy. I spent a few days exploring western Sedona on this trip. It’s a place I had rarely taken time with. The trails immerse one in nature quickly. I walked, stopping to draw various scenes, flowers, trees, rock formations and cactus. The drive out Dry Creek Road and Boynton Pass Road was delightful. I had to keep pulling over to take in the views.

These sketches are like field notes, jotting down marks inspired by the full experience of this place. The days I was there were slightly overcast, cool, clear with little wind or atmospheric dust. Perfect for drawing. I used the basics, a variety of pencils, a few colors, eraser on Strathmore and Arches papers.

The sketches are source material for a series of 18” x 24” acrylic paintings. Both the drawings and paintings will be available for viewing, and sale on my website


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