Thursday, February 25, 2016

Arts Brigade Proposal Creates Jobs While Reducing City Deficit

The Tucson Arts Brigade (TAB) and Tucson Mural Arts Program is delighted to announce that a seven year campaign to hire Artists to paint murals on Traffic Control Boxes was approved Tuesday night by Tucson City Council.

TAB designed this program so that anyone can now hire artists to paint these murals, creating more jobs and reducing our City deficit. We made the case over the past 7 years by showing that murals require less resources to maintain than blank surfaces.

You can learn more by following this link which outlines instructions for applying to this opportunity.

This is phase three of a five phase initiative designed to Hire Artists to Work in Schools, Neighborhoods and Community Centers using common sense economics.

Phase 1: City of Tucson Environmental Services Trash Container Murals
Phase 2: City Wide Mural Program
Phase 3: Traffic Control Box/Utility Box Demonstration Project
Phase 4-5: Establish a City Wide After School Arts Education Program

Thank you especially to the Ward 6 staff and Council Member Kozachik for making this dream a reality. Thank you also to Ward 1 and our dear friends at Tucson Pima Arts Council for their support on this proposal.

Let's get to work!

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