Monday, April 6, 2020

Arts in the Age of COVID 19

Artist Journal:

In the weeks prior to COVID-19 life was filled with activities, plans, planting seeds and the rush to get outdoor work complete before the summer burn sets in. We had concerns, but the event still felt far away - the world was not ready.

One of my narrative abstract paintings from early 2020
For me the first few week of March it really hit home, the shopping had been done, I felt personally prepared, but as the news got worse people began to socially distance. School was cancelled, shortages at the markets, then shops closing, the economy freaking out. The world was on a collective bad trip. Friends texted and called with regular updates, more information, details and personal situations. Do we socialize distantly through May? August? Nobody really knows, the virus is in control and dictating our behaviors. Some breathe fear.

Work in progress. March 2020
Final version of this painting. March 30, 2020

Today it’s clear, the world has changed… there is the before, and the after. I’ve been attempting to capture the emotions of these past few weeks in my work. The endless questions, lack of clear direction or future. I find myself developing a new routine, adapting, changing. It’s spring, the flowers and trees abloom, the deep blue sky and fresh desert air carry the smell of creosote.

“Once, there was a mountain, then there was no mountain… then there was.”

What has changed for you? Where do you see yourself in 3 months? A year?

Wear A Mask, April 2020

Wear A Mask, April 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020

SPECIAL: COVID 19 Artist Resources

I’m assembling a list of resources for our field specific to the COVID 19 situaiton.

I will keep updating as I become aware of opportunities. I know we are struggling right now, but if we help each other we will get through this, hopefully with a deeper appreciation of how interconnected we and all things are. Keep in touch and drop me a line, let me know how you are doing and if I can help in any way.

Entertainment and Events

Pen Podcast
This limited-run podcast, "The PEN Pod," is meant to provide regular updates and conversations about literature and free expression, and provide an outlet for our in-person events that have been postponed or canceled.

Financial Resources for Professional (Full time) Working Artists
Hobbyists, flea market brokers, agents and other creators of art with no record of sales as documented by a Schedule C from a U.S. Federal tax return are NOT eligible.
If you need, ask, if you have donate!

Grants and Financial Resources for Artists

Atrium: Federal Resources 

Emergency Grants for Female Artists Over 40

Writers Emergency Fund

Working Visual Artists Fund

NYFA Emergency Resource List

General Resource List

Teaching Artist Resources

Freelance Artists

Financial Resources

Tool Box - these sites have been updates with Emergency COVID-19 Resources

Center for the Study of Art and Community

Americans for the Arts Interactive Resource and Response 

Online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits

Transitioning to an online workplace 

Digital Tools for Artists to Run a Remote Career During Coronavirus

Art Activities

Art Making Activities for Your Kids

Overview: Keeping Our Small Arts Non Profits and Business Open During this Crisis

In our personal and business lives there are things with our control, action steps that will help us continue our work given the changes around us.

Develop (local/neighborhood) Plan for Continuity
        1) Planning, Communication, Training
        2) Threat Assessment
        3) Activate Plan
        4) Once crisis is over: Evaluate Plan/ record and store.

Communicate with stakeholders to categorize and assign tasks (who will do what):

        Mission critical  - working on site
        Mission critical - working remotely
        non-critical -     working remotely
        non-critical -     non-remote work

3) Develop a process for situational awareness. Identify reliable sources of information.

    John Hopkins -
   Center for Disease Control
   Local/County Health Department
    Mayors Office, City Council Members, Department Heads
    Pima County

4) Check Supply Chains for Vulnerabilities
        Check as far down the supply chain as possible
        Identify alternative vendors
        Self Produce
        Check Supply chains daily/hourly as needed

5) Promote Good Health Habits
        Washing Hands
        HEPA Filters
        Cleaning Supplies (Lysol, Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, Soap)
        Self Containment
        6 feet distance
        Hand Washing Stations

6) Assessment of Community Travel
        Identify modes of transportation
        Identify alternative modes of transport
        Plan car travel: call ahead to make sure gas stations are open along your route
        If flying wear medical mask, use wet wipe to wash down seating area and consoles.
        Get outside, hike, bike, walk, run - maintain 6 feet distance, use common sense.

7) Inventory Supplies
        Clean all items
        On line inventory


Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 Some New Works

Happy 2020! "VOTE"
"with 3 clues"
"Mellow Yellow"
These are hand drawn, scanned then colored on a computer - intended for digital consumption.
I made a short video of another drawing, depicting a simple and delightful day, which you can see in the post below.

A Day in 2020: Jan 3, 2020